All Alumni Clubs Scavenger Hunt at Cleveland Museum of Art

Friday, May 12, 2017 6:30pm sharp

All Alumni Clubs Scavenger Hunt at Cleveland Museum of Art

Sponsored by The Harvard Club.

Friday, May 12, 2017 6:30pm sharp

The Cleveland Illini Club has been invited to participate in The Harvard Club of Northeast Ohio's annual multi-alumni-club art scavenger hunt at CMA on Friday, May 12, 2017 starting at 6:30 p.m. The last time our club participated was in 2013 when we won at the Rock Hall.

All proceeds raised will go to provide college scholarships to outstanding graduating seniors in Cleveland public high schools. Winning students can use them at any college or university.

So how does it work? Using photos of tiny sections of art works in the CMA galleries as hints, teams will compete to identify them. A team is any group of one to four people who decide to work together.

Cost: $15 for adults and kids 12 and older. Kids 11 and under are free--send John (Harvard Club)  an email to RSVP for the kids:


Here’s how the evening will proceed: We’ll meet at 6:30 p.m. sharp in the amazing new Atrium. At 6:45 we’ll send you off to two seven-question hunts. The soonest turned-in perfect score team entry for each hunt wins a four-person prize. At 7:30, with the hunts completed, we’ll all meet back in the Atrium. While our board members figure out who won, everybody else can buy drinks and appetizers from the Museum’s bar. We can all hang out there until the Museum closes at 9 p.m.


How do you register?

You need to register with the Harvard Club following these instructions. Please send us an email so we can watch out for you at the event. Please where your Iliini wear so we can spot you. Look for other alumni in the atrium.


AFTER you have completed payment, you will be prompted for Guest Names and Organization. Put your club affiliation in the Organization field to help us keep the total reservations for each group.

If you have any signup questions, contact John Miller at or 216 397-9709.